Clinical Outcome Prediction Demo

This application demonstrates the clinical outcome model (CORe) presented in our paper: Clinical Outcome Prediction from Admission Notes using Self-Supervised Knowledge Integration. Betty van Aken, Jens-Michalis Papaioannou, Manuel Mayrdorfer, Klemens Budde, Felix A. Gers, Alexander Löser. EACL 2021.

Note: Because we cannot make clinical notes from the MIMIC III database public, we created synthetic patient examples in a similar format as the MIMIC III admission notes. Our examples were verified by clinical doctors in order to make them medically plausible. Besides it is possible to evaluate own examples, e.g. from the original MIMIC III corpus.

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Mortality Prediction

Deceased In-Hospital

Length of Stay Prediction

Length of Stay

ICD9 Diagnoses Predictions

ICD9 Diagnoses

ICD9 Procedures Predictions

ICD9 Procedures

Contact: Betty van Aken (@betty_v_a) @ DATEXIS